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Prepare Sports Safety course

If you are a Pop Warner Coach, the National Pop Warner office recognizes the National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) PREPARE Sports Safety course as meeting their requirements in the Rule Book Article 15: Practice, Item #S3 requirements, which states:

“All practices must be attended by one person holding a Red Cross Community CPR and a First Aid certification OR National Center for Sports Safety PREPARE Certificate of Completion, or equivalent, if not by an EMT or volunteer physician.”

About the NCSS PREPARE Sports Safety Course:

A proven coaches’ educational tool, to date the NCSS PREPARE course has educated more than 30,000 coaches. The course is also recognized as a preferred course by several high school associations.

Aimed at educating coaches on how to prevent common injuries, how to recognize symptoms of potentially dangerous conditions and how to respond in emergency situations, PREPARE Level 1 covers seven key areas:

  • Emergency Planning
  • Heat and Cold Illnesses
  • Emergency Recognition
  • Medical Considerations and Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Principles of First Aid
  • Head, Concussions, Neck and Facial Injuries
  • Warm-up and Cool Down

Cost of PREPARE Level 1 for Pop Warner Coaches:

$30.00 = $5 off $35 (Please enter promo code POPWARNER18 during online PREPARE registration at This promotion expires Dec. 31, 2018).

For more information please visit or email with any general questions. If you have any specific questions relating to the PREPARE course, please email or contact us directly at 205-746-5225.